Official statistics and challenges in terms of “photographing” the economic and financial crisis

PhD Professor Vergil Voineagu
Ec. Ilie Dumitrescu
PhD Senior Lecturer Daniela Ştefănescu
National Institute of Statistics


It refers to the translation in European statistics of long term priorities to answer the structural issues of faced by Europe at present. It is about the outline of those statistical fields which could provide the package of statistical data and information needed to have a correct and operative underlying of political initiatives. It is particularly analyzed the European Semester and commented the new approaches generated in official statistics by this instrument coordinating economic and fiscal policies of EU member states. In the context of community objectives, the National institute of Statistics in Romania proposes among other actions to reflect actual phenomena and processes faced by society as a whole, priorities adapted to monitoring imperatives under statistical aspect of economic and financial crisis.

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2011