Impact of Main Skills Targeted by CVT Courses on Economic Activities of Enterprises

Nicolae Marius JULA (
Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest
Dorin JULA (
Institute of Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy and Ecological University of Bucharest


In this paper, we analyse the impact of Continuing Vocational Training (CVT) courses on turnover, value-added and gross operating surplus, labour productivity (apparent and wage adjusted), and other special aggregates (dimensional and qualitative) of enterprises’ economic activity. The analysis is developed (for 27 European countries, during the 2010-2020 period) starting with the main type of skills targeted by CVT courses (general and professional IT skills, management and office administration skills, team working, customer handling, problem-solving, and numeracy skills, foreign language, and communication skills, technical, practical, or job-specific and other skills and competences). As a methodology, we use R software to solve econometric models with panel data (time series and longitudinal data).
Keywords: Continuing Vocational Training, employees’ skills, panel data models, R software
JEL Classification: C33, I26, M53

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2023