Integrating R and Java for Enhancing Interactivity of Algorithmic Data Analysis Software Solutions

Titus Felix FURTUNĂ (
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Claudiu VINȚE (
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Conceiving software solutions for statistical processing and algorithmic data analysis involves handling diverse data, fetched from various sources and in different formats, and presenting the results in a suggestive, tailorable manner. Our ongoing research aims to design programming technics for integrating R developing environment with Java programming language for interoperability at a source code level. The goal is to combine the intensive data processing capabilities of R programing language, along with the multitude of statistical function libraries, with the flexibility offered by Java programming language and platform, in terms of graphical user interface and mathematical function libraries.
Both developing environments are multiplatform oriented, and can complement each other through interoperability. R is a comprehensive and concise programming language, benefiting from a continuously expanding and evolving set of packages for statistical analysis, developed by the open source community. While is a very efficient environment for statistical data processing, R platform lacks support for developing user friendly, interactive, graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Java on the other hand, is a high level object oriented programming language, which supports designing and developing performant and interactive frameworks for general purpose software solutions, through Java Foundation Classes, JavaFX and various graphical libraries. In this paper we treat both aspects of integration and interoperability that refer to integrating Java code into R applications, and bringing R processing sequences into Java driven software solutions. Our research has been conducted focusing on case studies concerning pattern recognition and cluster analysis.

Keywords: R, Java, Integration, Interactivity, Algorithmic Data Analysis
JEL classification: C610, C880

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2016