Determinants of Labor Force Potential in Romania

Silvia Pisică
National Institute of Statistics, Romania
Nicoleta Caragea (
National Institute of Statistics, Romania, Universitatea Ecologica


In this research study there were applied Multinomial Logistic Regression models to examine the socio-economic factors that were responsible conducting individuals to be part of the employment or not. As a result of the multinomial regression model, the most significant factor to consider here is that each one tells the effect of the predictors of risk on the probability of success in that category, in comparison to the reference category. For computing the multinomial logistic regression model it was used the multinom function from the nnet package in R.
This research will contribute to know the determinants of labor force potential in Romania. The data from a Romanian labor force survey 2013 is used for this study.
JEL Classification: J21, C50, C87

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2015