Revista Română de Statistică Supliment 6/2016

Analiza policentricităţii funcţionale a judeţelor din România
Polycentricity functional analysis of the Romanian counties
Cercetător principal III Antonio Tache
Cercetător principal Monica Tache
Conf. univ. dr. Sorin Daniel MANOLE

Comparative Study of European and national Programmes Regarding Innovative Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD
Prof. Vergil VOINEAGU, PhD
Prof. Alexandru MANOLE PhD.
Diana Valentina SOARE PhD

Study on the relationship between financial performance and leverage: empirical evidence on Bucharest Stock Exchange
Lector univ. drd. Floriniţa DUCA

The European Initiative for Small and Medium Enterprises
Assoc. prof. Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD
Daniel DUMITRESCU PhD student
Alexandru URSACHE PhD student

IT&C platform used in projects financed from European Union Funds
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD
Diana Valentina SOARE PhD
Daniel DUMITRESCU PhD Student

Model for analyzing the liquidity risk
Assoc. Prof. Mădălina-Gabriela ANGHEL PhD
Daniel DUMITRESCU PhD Student

Key measures in ensuring sustainable development in european higher education: recommendations for Romania
PhD Candidate, Andreea Mirică