Revista Română de Statistică Supliment 6/2015

Some Theoretical Aspects regarding the Inflation
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD
Cristina SACALĂ, PhD Student

The Impact of Management Structures’ Composition on Performance of Companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Professor Georgeta VINTILĂ PhD
Raluca-Georgiana MOSCU PhD Student

Analysis on the Indicators related to the structuring of the Monetary Mass in Romania after the adhesion to the European Union
Lecturer Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD.

Model Analysis of Social Welfare in Romania
Constantin ANGHELACHE PhD.
Ligia PRODAN PhD. Student
Carmen Judith GRIGORESCU PhD
Raluca Georgiana MOSCU PhD Student

Macro Analysis of the Romanian Ecotourism
Phd-Student Alina GHEORGHE

Personal Branding in Education Environment
Prof. Mircea Udrescu PhD

The Legal Nature of Corporate Pacts – Between Reality and Controversy
Assoc. prof. Anca POPESCU-CRUCERU PhD

Key Performance Indicators – Management Tools for Sales Improvement
Assoc. prof. Anca-Mihaela TEAU PhD
Lecturer Cristina Elena PROTOPOPESCU PhD

Some Models used for setting up the Futures Price
Prof. Mario G.R. PAGLIACCI PhD
Lecturer Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD
Cristina SACALĂ PhD Student
Vasile Lucian ANTON Master student

Historical Aspects, Traditions and Statistical Gaps.  The German Economy versus the Romanian Economy
Silviu PETRE PhD
Senior Lecturer habil. Gheorghe SĂVOIU PhD

Leadership and effectiveness
Assoc. prof. Cibela NEAGU PhD

An Index of Economic Honesty, exemplified through Comparative Evaluation of the Specific Level in Germany and Romania
Senior Lecturer habil. Gheorghe SĂVOIU PhD

Collecting the tax on Income from Investments and Income Statement
Assoc. prof. Raluca Andreea MIHALACHE PhD

Some Aspects regarding the Residual Variable
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD
Assoc. prof. Alexandru Lucian MANOLE PhD