Revista Română de Statistică Supliment 7/2014

Application of Crowdsourcing in Marketing
Assist. Professor Tamara Vlastelica BAKIC, PhD
Assist. Professor Slavica Cicvaric KOSTIC, PhD
Assist. Lecturer Ema NESKOVIC, MSc

Romanian International Trade Evolution
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Alexandru MANOLE, PhD.
Cristina SACALĂ, PhD. Student

The Assessment of the Agro-Climatic Parameters and Coefficients Employed in the Drought Evaluation
Assistant PhD Dana Maria (Oprea) CONSTANTIN
Assistant PhD Elena GRIGORE

Operationalization of the Work Behaviour Concept: Work Behaviour Self-Assessment Scale
Teaching assistant Ivana KOVAČEVIĆ, PhD
Professor Svetlana ČIZMIĆ, PhD
Professor Dobrivoje MIHAILOVIĆ, PhD

Evolution of the Inflation and Price Index
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Aurelian DIACONU, PhD.
Ligia PRODAN, PhD. Student
Ec. Emilia STANCIU

Three Twin Sciences, Born with the First Census
Associate Professor Gheorghe SĂVOIU, Ph.D.
Lecturer Mariana BĂNUŢĂ, Ph.D.
Lecturer Mihaela GADOIU, Ph.D.

Theoretical Aspects Concerning the Testing of the Significance of the Regression Model
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD.
Alexandru URSACHE, PhD. Student
Bogdan DRAGOMIR, PhD. Student
Georgeta BARDAŞU (LIXANDRU), PhD. Student
Marius POPOVICI, PhD. Student

The System of Financial Analysis Indicators Applying to the Activity run by an Economic Agent
Lecturer Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD.

I.G. Duca: “Cooperation is a Mean Of Harmonization in the Fight between Capital and Labor”

International Exchange of Goods and Services
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD.
Andreea Gabriela BALTAC, PhD Student
Zoica NICOLA, PhD Student
Daniel DUMITRESCU, PhD Student
Diana Valentina SOARE, PhD Student

Evolution of GDP: The Case of Romania
Adina-Mihaela DINU PhD. Student

The Necessary E-Societal Management (E- Sm) Approach

 Statistical Delimitation of the Profile of Local Elections Candidate – An Applied Statistics Research
Assoc. professor Gheorghe SĂVOIU, PhD
Assoc. professor Emil BURTESCU, PhD
Assist. Marian ŢAICU, PhD

The Model of W.F. Sharpe and the Model of the Global Regression Utilized for the Portfolio Selection
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD.
Lecturer Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD.

Developments in Accounting for Environmental Expenditure
Constantin MINDRICELU, PhD.

Some Considerations on Agricultural Exploitations
Amelia DIACONU, PhD Student

Aspects concerning the Verification of the Residual Normality and the Prediction of the Regression Model
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE, PhD.
Prof. Radu Titus MARINESCU, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Alexandru MANOLE, PhD.
Ec. Emilia STANCIU

Marketing Decisions in Terms of Consumer Behavior
Assoc. Prof. Dan NASTASE PhD.
Master Student Cristian STOICIU
Student Denisa OPREA

Sports Journalism and the Quality of Sport and Sport Culture in Romania
Assistant teacher Cristian GHENA, PhD Student