Fostering Job Satisfaction  and Loyalty: A Deep Dive into Romania’s Gas Sector

Elena DRUICĂ (
University of Bucharest, Romania
University of Bucharest, Romania
Bingyu WU (
University of Texas at San Antonio, United States
University of Bucharest, Romania
Marin BURCEA (
University of Bucharest, Romania
This research delves into how different structural factors influence employee satisfaction and organizational commitment in three job categories within a prominent public gas company in Romania. The research adopted a multidimensional perspective on organizational commitment and job satisfaction, further enriched by incorporating the propensity for maintaining the status quo. We collected survey data, which included 2,641 respondents from 32 branches of the company across the country and employed the Partial Least Squares – Path Modeling (PLS-PM) approach with WarpPLS 7.0 for our empirical analyses. The findings highlight the critical role of job satisfaction as a mediator between structural determinants, including organizational, job-related, and individual characteristics, and organizational commitment. Conversely, several predictors appear unsuitable for interventions aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction. Variations in the effects of predictors on organizational commitment across different employee categories offer insights for potential intervention strategies.
Keywords: gas sector, public companies; turnover concern, job satisfaction, organizational commitment
JEL Classification: D23, J28, L23, L25.

Romanian Statistical Review 2/2024