A Perspective on Universal  Basic Income

“The money we own is the instrument of freedom, 
the one we chase is that of servitude.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau / Les Confessions
PhD. Associate Professor Sorin Daniel Manole  (danielsorinmanole@yahoo.com)
“Constantin Brâncoveanu” University
PhD. Professor Iuliana Ciochină (iulianaciochina@yahoo.com) 
“Constantin Brâncoveanu” University 
PhD candidate Ana Maria Bocăneală (anamaria.bocaneala@gmail.com) 
Bucharest University of Economic Studies ( ASE)  
This paper research studies the degree of familiarity with individuals’ concept of a Universal Basic Income and the level they attribute to the necessity of a Universal Basic Income. For this purpose, the Internet survey, specifically e-mail and simple webpage, and snowball sampling technique were used. Subjects were recruited from the population of Europe and North America. The sample consisted of 456 people with a country of residence in this area (420 from 14 European countries and 36 North Americans). After processing the responses, it was found that respondents are generally not familiar with the concept of a Universal Basic Income and that the necessity of a Universal Basic Income is rated at a medium level. The paper also tests the hypotheses that Geographical Region and Age are predictors of both familiarity with Universal Basic Income and opinion about the necessity of a Universal Basic Income. The testing of these hypotheses is carried out using multinomial logistic regression and through the results obtained, the hypotheses are confirmed.
Key Words: Universal Basic Income, necessity of a Universal Basic Income, familiarization with the concept of Universal Basic Income.
JEL: F61, D63, H27

Romanian Statistical Review 2/2024