Romanian Tourism before and after the Covid-19 Pandemic. A Geostatistical Analysis

National Institute of Statistics, “Petre Andrei” University of Iasi
Vicențiu-Robert GABOR (
Iasi County Directorate of Statistics, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi,
Ionuț-Cristian BACIU (
Iasi County Directorate of Statistics
The current research aims to analyze the evolution of tourism in Romania before and after the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of the global pandemic crisis. A quantitative research methodology will assess the impact of the pandemic on the tourism sector and highlight changes in the behaviour and preferences of tourists. The study uses various methods and statistical indicators to obtain a comprehensive perspective on tourism within the national economy. Also, it will describe Romania’s position in international tourism by presenting some statistical indicators in a multiscalar manner, in a national profile, and a global context. A series of relevant indicators for the tourism industry is provided, such as the size of the tourist accommodation infrastructure, the number of arrivals/overnights in the tourist accommodation structures, the degree of utilization of the accommodation capacity, the expenses and the revenues generated by the tourism sector in Romania. Also, the study proposes an examination of the territorial profile of tourism, analyzing the geographical areas and regional disparities in the territory of Romania. The results obtained will be used in formulating recommendations (strategic directions, public policy proposals, intervention measures) for the tourism sector, aiming to stimulate the recovery and sustainable growth of Romanian tourism in the post-pandemic period. Currently, one of our team members is part of the technical group of the Iași County Council for the development of the Iași County Tourism Marketing Strategy 2023-2030, a position from which he is already capitalizing on the results of this study.
Keywords: tourism, arrivals, accomodations, tourism and travel statistics, COVID-19, pandemic
JEL Classification:  L83, Z30, Z31, Z32, Z38, Z39, Y10, Y31

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2023