Occupational Gender Disparities – Before and After Covid-19

Ana Maria Ciuhu (dobre.anamaria@hotmail.com)
Institute of National Economy, Romanian Academy & National Institute of Statistics, Romania
Simona Ioana Ghita (simo_ghita@yahoo.com)
Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Valentina Vasile (valentinavasile2009@gmail.com)
Institute of National Economy, Romanian Academy
Cristina Boboc (cristina.boboc@yahoo.fr)
Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Women are facing deep and lasting inequalities on the labor market. The effect of the pandemic on women’s employment is evident after two years of pandemic, it has significantly affected the level of employment and increased the risk of women at work, inequalities have deepened and the recovery period will be longer than for men. In this paper we present an econometric analysis of occupational gender disparities at European level, considering as predictors the educational level and the countries’ development level.
We inspected the influence of pandemic on employment gender gap focusing on the gender occupational gap, gender disparities in education and whether the gender disparities in employment significantly differs depending on the countries’ development level. Main findings refer to the statistically proved influence of the pandemic factors on employment gender gap, more significant for employees with tertiary education and in the countries with a higher level of development. The data used in the analysis is provided by EU official statistics.

Keywords: employment, gender disparities, women’s employment, covid-19
JEL codes: J01, J16, J21

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2022