Offensive Strategy Approach of Aging Population in the Context of a Digital Society

Mihaela CAZACU (
Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Emilia ȚIȚAN (
Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Daniela MANEA (
Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Mihaela MIHAI (
Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Population aging currently is a demographic challenge addresing two key issues: one is having a strong political framework with policies to sustain this phenomenon and another one is to create benefits and value in economy. Those two approaches are materialized in offensive and defensive strategies for silver population. One is focusing on mitigating the risk of this demographic imbalance, and another one on flexibility which can bring more added value on long term. Trying to maintain the balance between the two could lead to an unavoidable failure.
In this paper, the purpose is to evaluate the main drivers behind the IT sector, technology and innovation of the silver economy with the focus on an offensive strategy. Aging offensive side supports on creating new economic activities for the niche of elders with the help of technology. This strategy is sustained by two steps, adopting and accepting the technology.
The journey towards digital societies is very tough and digitalization can be a challenge especially for the elderly from the countries which are not ready to embrace this paradigm shift. Humanity is facing an unprecedented time in its history: an aging population and a global pandemic that has previously affected this category of the elderly. The current COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the importance of digitalization and supporting the economy and society at large by enabling continued productive activity, tracking the spread of the virus and accelerating the search for medicines and vaccines.
Key words: aging population, offensive aging, digital society, technology.
JEL Codes: O30, J14.

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2021