Business Students Experiences about Online Learning During Covid 19: Problems and Opportunities

Ashi Zeshan (PhD) (
Department of Business Education, IER, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan


Purpose. The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of business students about online learning in the first wave of COVID-19 in mid of 2020.
Method. Qualitative research design was employed in this study and data was collected from business students of four business schools of Lahore, Pakistan. Eight students who have taken full length course during COVID- 19 were conveniently selected for an in-depth interview. The duration of the interview was thirty minutes. .The responses from the sample were taken by using a self-developed interview guide. Thematic analysis was done after the collection of responses through interviews. Major themes were reported and future implications were suggested to improve online education in Pakistan.
Results. Five major themes were emerged on the basis of students’ experiences. These themes are impact on content understanding, experience with technology, online assessment, impact on career and opportunities for improvement.
Conclusion. Study concluded that students have mixed experience about online learning during COVID- 19. Students who are residing in rural areas are facing technical problems more than students in urban areas during online classes.
Key Words: Online Learning; Business Schools: Students Experiences

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2021