MigraR package: Performing Rogers and Castro’s multi-exponential models for migration estimation

J. Sebastian Ruiz-Santacruz
ADRI, Shanghai University China, China / GRUMIS – Universidad de Narino, Colombia


Migration is a phenomenon that shows strong regularities in its migratory patterns by age. The study of these patterns was introduced to read the regularities that appear in internal migration and that have been interpreted within the framework of a lifetime: for example, it is widely recognized that movements by age are dependent on each other, as the case of children who migrate with their parents at the same time, or wives with their husbands. Over time, the need arises to seek measures that offer the ability to determine with greater certainty the observations through the mathematical study of their behavior and relationship. The cause of the few studies of international migration seems to be related to the lack of data compiled by age and sex of this phenomenon.

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2021