Characteristics of Goods’ Foreign Trade between Romania and United Kingdom within Transition Period

Ana Calina, Student
King’s College School Wimbledon, Southside, Wimbledon Common, London
PhD. Candidate Georgiana Andreea Ferariu (
Bucharest University of Economic Studies


External economic exchanges are the most important component of economic relations. No country, regardless of the level of development, can cover all its needs only from its own production. Consequently, all countries are required to participate in foreign trade.
The aim of the present paper was to provide visibility on Romania’s trade relationship with Great Britain.
The data used in the analysis of the evolution of the indicators are represented by the series of import values ​​and by the series of export values. Also, another topic that was given importance in this paper is the impact of Brexit on Romania’s foreign trade.
Keywords: foreign trade, import, export, Brexit

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2020