IT Services and Digital Transformation of the Romanian Society

Prof. Alexandru ISAIC-MANIU PhD (
Centre for Industrial and Services Economics, Romanian Academy
Assoc. prof. Irina DRAGAN PhD (
University of Economic Studies, Bucharest


The activity of services rendered to enterprises is a relatively recent presence in the research and publications of the National Institute of Statistics. Until 1990, for ideological reasons, only the services provided to the population were partially registered. The first research had the year 2003 as a reference, and gradually the area of investigation expanded, parallel to the amplification of this activity in the economy. When it comes to the services, a significant share is held by the ICT group, which ended up holding about 6% of the GDP, a share that is approximately equal to that of the construction sector, thus placing Romania on an honourable fourth place in the European Union, this sector having real chances of growth in the future. Although the activity in the ICT sector is dynamic, the digitalization of the economy is strongly lagging behind, Romania being placed at the tail of the profile rankings made for Europe. The current e-government program in the EU (2015-2020) ends in 2020 and the implementation measures of the provisions of the Digital Agenda 2021-2027 are now being promoted. We analyse in the presented material the activity of the ICT sector reflected by pertinent indicators, with details on sub-activities of the field, while promoting some directions of action resulting from the analysis performed, to boost the activity in this field of strong economic and social interest.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, IT services, Digital Agenda
JEL: C01, K24, O33

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2020