Assessments on the impact of the health crisis on the economic environment in Romania from the perspective of foreign trade activity

Acad. Aurel IANCU
INCE – Romanian Academy
Prof. Tudorel ANDREI PhD
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
PhD. Sorin DINU
IPE– Romanian Academy


This article will provide some ways to assess the impact of the health crisis in Romania at the beginning of March on the economy. Some important aspects of international trade in goods are identified, as well as relevant aspects related to the activity of international groups of foreign companies – which have a strong impact, on the one hand, on the development and modernization of Romania’s economy and, on the other hand, on the contagion of the health and economic crisis. Equally, some assessments made by national and international institutions on the impact of the health crisis on the international or national economic environment are also given.

Keywords: economic crisis, Covid – 19, international trade
JEL Codes: O11, O19, O52, P47

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2020