Forecasting the Future of Humankind under the Current Demographic Pressures

Angelica BĂCESCU – CĂRBUNARU, Professor, PhD (
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists


The article holds forth forecasting the future of the humankind, with reference to the investigative methods on its further development.
The article presents the current demographic pressures that affect forecasting depending on the land norm per person, the uneven distribution of waters, the rainfall regime, the natural environment, the use of nuclear energy, etc.
In conclusion, the future of humankind is a process threatened by natural, economic, social, technological, epidemiological or military risks, and the developed countries can no longer maintain their advantages if not pushing forward for developing countries.

Keywords: demographic pressure, forecasting the future of humankind, urban agglomerations, food pressure, human development model.

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2018