Management model of ecoturism services quality analize

Ph.D. Lecturer Alina Gheorghe (
Artifex University from Bucharest
Ph.D. Proffessor Mircea Alecsandru Udrescu (
Artifex University from Bucharest


Quality is a concept of maximum generalization that covers the set of features of a product or service appreciated by customer expectations. Service’s quality is a phrase that distinguishes customer satisfaction from the perception of the characteristics of the service purchased. Generaly speaking, according to the dictionary “Services include everything the manufacturer offers to the consumer to make the use of goods as comfortable or as enjoyable”. Regarding ecotourism services, the customer becomes satisfied with the service when purchases only if the degree of satisfaction leads to repeat the request and to convince the friends to accompany him / her. Ecotourism service providers differentiate each other to the extent that they raise the quality of standards to meet the growing needs of customers. It is precisely for these reasons that we agree with those who claim that the quality of service management, the more obvious the management of the quality of ecological services, becomes dependent on the extent to which the quality of standards is followed with accountability and respect for the client.

Key words: green tourism services, quality, management, marketing, accommodation capacity, tourism traffic density, occupancy rates.

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2018