Simply Clustering. Making New Sense In The Five Facets Mindfulness Questionnaire

Elena Druică (
University of Bucharest, Romania
Rodica Ianole – Calin (
University of Bucharest, Romania


A common approach in examining data collected based on different scales is to look at their structure by means of factor analysis. This article provides a way to look not only into the overall mindfulness score as an individual characteristic, but also at how the mindfulness dimensions cluster together to provide potentially consistent individual profiles. The novelty of our contribution is two fold: we reached our goal with the help of cluster analysis, and not by the means of previous methodological approaches. Also, we applied the most popular tools used to measure mindfulness, the face facets mindfulness questionnaire, on a sample of Romanian participants which makes this research the first study on mindfulness conducted on a Romanian sample. We found that, despite the existence of some stable groups that share similar characteristics, the degree of homogeneity across individuals is pretty high. In addition, the levels of mindfulness corresponding to our participants seems to be unrelated with background variables like age, gender, and working place.

Keywords: Mixed methods, Health care, Survey research, Regression analysis
JEL Classification: C19, C38

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2018