R programming for the Quarterly National Accounts: Moroccan case

Houssam HACHIMI (h.hachimi@hcp.ma)
High Commission for Planning – National Account Department, Morocco


The compilation of quarterly national accounts (QNA) has different methods based on the specificity of the statistical system of the country, in effect, the method of calibration adopted by the Moroccan national account department has several steps that estimates indirectly the quarterly components of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by using statistics indicators as regressors in a linear model. The use of R, as statistical software for the compilation of that official statistics presents some challenges for the statisticians from the first step of the data import, until the export of the results, the responsible of the compilation of the QNA must have good algorithmic coding skills so as he can build his R program by choosing the adequate packages and version of the R software. The objective of this work is to present the R program and challenges that face the Moroccan case.

Keywords: QNA, Calibration, R programming, Challenges
JEL Classification: E01, C22

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2017