Expert System and Heuristics Algorithm for Cloud Resource Scheduling

Mamatha E (
Dept of Engineering Mathematics, GITAM University, Bangalore, India
Sasritha S
Dept of Engineering Mathematics, GITAM University, Bangalore, India
CS Reddy
School of Computing, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, India


Rule-based scheduling algorithms have been widely used on cloud computing systems and there is still plenty of room to improve their performance. This paper proposes to develop an expert system to allocate resources in cloud by using Rule based Algorithm, thereby measuring the performance of the system by letting the system adapt new rules based on the feedback. Here performance of the action helps to make better allocation of the resources to improve quality of services, scalability and flexibility. The performance measure is based on how the allocation of the resources is dynamically optimized and how the resources are utilized properly. It aims to maximize the utilization of the resources. The data and resource are given to the algorithm which allocates the data to resources and an output is obtained based on the action occurred. Once the action is completed, the performance of every action is measured that contains how the resources are allocated and how efficiently it worked. In addition to performance, resource allocation in cloud environment is also considered.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Scheduling and Expert System, Heuristic Models
JEL Classification: C87

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2017