Two Decades of Research Collaboration: A Keyword Scopus Evaluation

Researcher, Alexandru Amarioarei (
Senior Researcher, Mihaela Paun (
National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Bucharest, Romania


One issue that has become more important over the years is to evaluate the capability for worldwide research networks on different areas of research, especially in the areas that are identified as being worldwide significant. The study investigated the research output, citations impact and collaborations on publications listed in Scopus authored by researchers all over the world, research published between 1999-2014, selected by a group of keywords identified by authors. The results of the analysis identified an increasing trend in scientific publications starting with 2006, especially on three of the analyzed keywords. We also found differences in the citations patterns for the Black Sea and Danube Delta keywords in the contributing countries. The results of this study revealed a steady increase of the collaboration output and an increasing trend in the collaboration behavior, both at the European and national level. Additionally, at the national level the study identified the collaboration network between Romanian institutions per counties.

Keywords: Statistical software R, data collection, research, citations, articles, collaboration networks
JEL Classification: O15, O32, C80, C88

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2016