Pursuing Higher Education: Privileged or Free Access in Romania?

Elena-Doina Dascălu (doina.dascalu@rcc.ro)
Spiru-Haret University, Romanian Court of Accounts
PhD Candidate, Andreea Mirică (miricaandreea89@gmail.com)
Bucharest University of Economics Studies
PhD Candidate, George Ioan Mincu-Radulescu (mincu.ioan@yahoo.com)
Bucharest University of Economics Studies


The aim of this paper is to analyze whether higher education in Romania is a privilege or a level of education open to any person willing to pursue it, provided that they have specific abilities and competences. The analysis is carried out from two points of view both legislative and practical (using statistical methods). Based on the results, the paper further explores possible causes for the identified phenomena and formulates adequate policy recommendations. Data on the live births, the numbers of students, teachers and schooling units at each educational level, for the 1948-2011 period have been gathered in order to conduct the research; with regard to statistical methods, pursuing the purpose of this paper, the Engel Granger two steps methodology was employed.

Keywords: demography, education, students, life births, Engel-Granger
JEL Classification: A10

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2016