Analyzing the Determinants of Job Satisfaction among Jordanian Hospital Employees Using The Warr-Cook-Wall Scale

Associate Professor, PhD Adriana Anamaria Davidescu (
Bucharest University of Economics Studies
PhD.Candidate Marji Tania Issa Eid
Bucharest University of Economics Studies
PhD.Candidate Cristina Sacală
Bucharest University of Economics Studies


The paper aims to identify the main determinants of job satisfaction in Jordanian hospitals using a sample of 325 employees from six hospitals at the level of the year 2015. In order to do that, we used Warr-Cook-Wall scale to assess job satisfaction based on four dimensions: extrinsic job satisfaction, and intrinsic job satisfaction, working conditions satisfaction, employee relations satisfaction applying the multivariate regression analysis to highlight the predictors of job satisfaction.
The empirical results revealed that the main determinants of job satisfaction among Jordanian employees are related to the intrinsic job satisfaction and employee relations satisfaction and the wage have a relatively small impact on this.
The findings revealed that the financial incentives have their significance but they are not fundamental, the non-financial incentives being really important in enhancing motivation among health employees. So, in order to improve the overall degree of retention, the managers need to reinforce the importance of non-financial factors like the freedom to choose the working methods, the recognition for a good work, the responsibility, the chance for promotion, the opportunity to use the abilities, the attention paid to the suggestions and the level of variety in the job.

Keywords: job satisfaction, hospitals, health workers, Warr-Cook-Wall scale, Jordan
JEL classification: C25, C38, C83, O15

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2016