Estimation of Household Waste in the Republic of Serbia using R software

Melinda Tokai (
Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia


This paper deals with the problem of estimation of annual amount of waste generated by households in Republic of Serbia. Waste generated by households is a part of municipal waste that also includes waste generated by trade and services activities as well as by tourists. In order to estimate pure household waste, regression analysis was preformed with reference to Cammarota et al. (2005) ”A proposal for the estimation of household waste”. In order to face this problem, regression models were constructed for municipal waste that are based on non domestic variables which are related to trade and services activities and tourism. The part of the municipal waste that could not be explained by a model based on non domestic variables was ascribed to pure household waste. In order to check validity of results, the model residuals were then related to domestic variables (usual population and the average number of inhabitants per occupied dwelling). The regression models were fitted using R software.

Keywords: Household waste, regression models, R software
JEL Classification: C10, C88

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2016