The analysis of the interconnections between the indicators of the external payment balance and the macroeconomic aggregates of results

Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE PhD.
Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, „Artifex” University of Bucharest
Prof. univ. Alexandru MANOLE PhD.
Conf. univ. dr. Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD. 

„Artifex” University of Bucharest
Marius POPOVICI PhD. Student
Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


The payment balance (BP) may be defined, generally, as a statistic image of the international economic transactions between resident and non-resident agents of a country. These transactions are considered during one period of time (year, trimester, month). In spite of its denomination, BP concerns not only the usual payments, but all transactions, even if a part of them does not comprise the cash payments.
Key words: Payment balance, analysis, components, capital, reserve

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2016