Labour market for youth in Romania – a demographic and qualitative approach of their employability

Silvia Pisică ( )
National Institute of Statistics
Valentina Vasile ( ),
Institute of National Economy, Romanian Academy
Ana Maria Dobre (dobre.anamaria )
Institute of National Economy, Romanian Academy; National Institute of Statistics


The paper analyzes the implications of demographic developments on the labour market in terms of potential labour from structural and professional perspectives.
The aspects of the youth demographic and educational potential for labour market, of the national policies potential for new job creation and of the opportunities of alternative free movement of workers are presented. The paper emphasizes positive and negative labour market pressures as derived from the demographic structure (including ethnicity), skills and competences, and educational attainment. The influences factors on qualitative youth employability in Romania are also highlighted.
Some empirical analyses of the working age population in terms of demographic factors, as well as its demographic forecast are presented. Statistical software used for this analysis is the R Project, along with specific packages forecasting analysis. Final part of the paper is focused on some specific recommendations for policy instruments and measures to support youth employability on the national labor market based on the changed typology of the youth supply on labour market.
Keywords: Demography, Labor Market, Employment, Mobility, R Software
JEL Classification: J11, J21, J24

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2015