Income and Material Deprivation – Important Factors On Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion

Andreea Cambir
National Institute of Statistics


The paper will be focused on the state of art in the field of social inclusion in relation with the income and material deprivation, main components of material dimension of life quality.
A particular concern should be attributed to the prevention of poverty and social exclusion, more specific the measurement of the risk of falling into poverty or social exclusion. Moreover, this is also one of the main objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Therefore, the paper will emphasize the situation for the Romanian society in respect of poverty and social inclusion including trends and characteristics.
The topic is of high actuality and the findings of the paper will show the main areas where the national policies and strategies should be tailored for an adequate implementation with the aim of reaching the proposed targets.
Keywords: income, material deprivation, risk of poverty, social inclusion

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2015