Analysis of the labour market in Romania in relation with working time

Nicoleta Caragea
Ciprian Alexandru

Ecological University of Bucharest and National, Institute of Statistics, Romania


In this research study there were applied Regression models to examine the socio-economic factors that could influence the working time on the labor market. As a result of the regression models applied, the most significant factors to consider here are the sex of the employed people, age, education level, residence areas where they live, the activity and the occupational status on the labour market. For computing the regression models it was used the glm function from the nlme package in R.
This research will contribute to know the determinants of working time in Romania. The data from a Romanian labor force survey 2013 is used for this study.
Key words: Labor Force Survey, GLM Regression, Working time, R, Packages
JEL Classification: J21, C50, C87

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2015