Romanian Statistical Review 2/2015

The International Conference New Challenges for Statistical Software – The Use of R in Official Statistics

Volatility spillover across energy indices of the stock markets
PhD Marius Acatrinei
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A Time Series Analysis of Macroeconomic Determinants of Corporate Births in Romania in the period 2008-2013
Ph.D. Candidate Marușa Beca
Professor Ileana Nișulescu-Ashrafzadeh
Bucharest University of Economic Studies
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Variance Estimation Using Package vardpoor in R
Juris Breidaks
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
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Factors of life quality material dimension 
Andreea CAMBIR
National Institute of Statistics, Romania
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Integration and imputation of survey data in R: the StatMatch package
Marcello D’Orazio
Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat)
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The Power of Lotka’s Law Through the Eyes of R
PhD Alon Friedman
School of information, University of South Flordia, Tampa
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A Study on Factors Influencing Muslim’s Consumers Preferences Towards Takaful Products In Malaysia
Kamarul Ariffin Mansor
Raden Mohd Ngisomuddin Masduki
Masilah Mohamad
BSc candidate Nursidrah Zulkarnain
MSc candidate Nor Atikah Aziz
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia
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Estimation of standard error of the parameter of change using simulations
Djordje Petkovic
Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
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Usage of R in Official Statistics – Survey Data Analysis at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Jerneja Pikelj
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
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Determinants of Labor Force Potential in Romania
Silvia Pisică
National Institute of Statistics, Romania
Nicoleta Caragea
National Institute of Statistics, Romania, Universitatea Ecologica
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Interactive R App for Carrying Out an Elicitation Process Applied to Prostate Cancer in Colombia
M.Sc. Andrés Felipe Flórez Rivera
Ph.D Juan Carlos Correa Morales
Escuela de Estadística, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Medellín
Ph. D Manuel García Flórez
Facultad de Salud, Universidad Sur Colombiana, Neiva (Huila)
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Usage Of R in Defining Labour Market Areas
Pawel Stopinski
Statistical Office in Bydgoszcz, Poland
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Experiences with R-based data editing systems
Mark P.J. van der Loo
Statistics Nederland
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The Calibration of Weights by Calif Tool in the Practice of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Róbert Vlačuha
Boris Frankovič
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
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