Labor Force – Main Determinant Of the Foreign Direct Investments Located in Romania

Aniela Raluca Danciu (
Vasile Alecsandru Strat (
Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania


The foreign direct investments can be considered as one of the main factors that have sustained the evolution of the centralized former communist East-European economies into open competitive market systems. The East-European countries were the destination of some significant capital inflow because of some important features of each market as: development level of the infrastructure, labor force characteristics, market size and its future development possibilities, regulation level of the market, liberalization level of the prices, tax policies and technology absorption capability. When talking about Romania one of the main determinants of the foreign direct investments was the labor force, which attracted in the manufacturing industry to types of investors: cost oriented investors and quality oriented investors. The main goal of this research paper is to provide a clear description of the similarities and of the differences of the two investor types, at national and regional. Data used in this research were collected using a questionnaire and were further analyzed using the SPSS software.
JEL Classification: J21, J64

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2015