Interactive R App for Carrying Out an Elicitation Process Applied to Prostate Cancer in Colombia

M.Sc. Andrés Felipe Flórez Rivera (
Ph.D Juan Carlos Correa Morales (
Escuela de Estadística, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Medellín.
Ph. D Manuel García Flórez (
Facultad de Salud, Universidad Sur Colombiana, Neiva (Huila)


In this paper is presented an interactive R-application for carried out an elicitation process to the vector of parameters of the Multinomial distribution. The application is developed mainly under two R libraries, Shiny and RSQLite. Shiny is a package that allows developing a web application framework for R and RSQLite package embeds the SQLite database engine in R and provides an interface compliant with the DBI package. The application has two main components, the first stores the records of an elicitation, an expert and a variable. The second components allow that the analyst to ask the experts their judgments about previous variables stored, it return a plot allowing that the expert have feedback about elicited values. The application is tested in the estimation of the prevalence of each level Gleason score in patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in Colombia.

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2015