Statistical Evaluation of the Emissions Level Of CO, CO2 and HC Generated by Passenger Cars

Ph.D Ing. Claudiu Ursu (
Piteşti University, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Romania
Ph.D Alina Moroşanu (
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Iaşi, Romania


This paper aims to make an evaluation of differences emission level of CO, CO2 and HC generated by passenger cars in different walking regimes and times, to identify measures of reducing pollution. Was analyzed a sample of Dacia Logan passenger cars (n = 515), made during the period 2004-2007, equipped with spark ignition engines, assigned to emission standards EURO 3 (E3) and EURO4 (E4). These cars were evaluated at periodical technical inspection (ITP) by two times in the two walk regimes (slow idle and accelerated idle). Using the t test for paired samples (Paired Samples T Test), the results showed that there are significant differences between emissions levels (CO, CO2, HC) generated by Dacia Logan passenger cars at both assessments, and regression analysis showed that these differences are not significantly influenced by turnover differences.

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2014