Romanian Statistical Review 4/2014

Statistical Evaluation of the Emissions Level Of CO, CO2 and HC Generated by Passenger Cars
Ph.D Ing. Claudiu Ursu
Piteşti University, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Romania
Ph.D Alina Moroşanu
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Iaşi, Romania
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Student Organizations and Their Contribution to Quality Assurance and Enhancement in Higher Education Institutions – Case Study: Romania
PhD Candidate, Andreea Mirică
The Bucharest University of Economics Studies
Şeilla Abdulamit
National Student Union of Romania
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The Development of Enterprise Systems based on Cyber- Physical Systems Principles
Ioan Ştefan Sacală
Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University Politehnica of Bucharest
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Possibilities Of Opening Up the Stage-Gate Model
Professor Biljana Stošić PhD
Radul Milutinović
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences
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Calculating the Probability of Returning a Loan with Binary Probability Models
Associate Professor PhD Julian Vasilev
Varna University of Economics, Bulgaria
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The Ecological Behaviour Related to Green Information and Communication Technology in Romanian Organizations
Laura-Diana Radu
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
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