Possibilities Of Opening Up the Stage-Gate Model

Professor Biljana Stošić PhD
Radul Milutinović
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences,


The paper presents basic elements of the Stage-Gate and Open innovation models, and possible connection of these two, resulting in what is frequently called an “Open Stage-Gate” model. This connection is based on opening up the new product development process and integration of the open innovation principles with the Stage-Gate concept, facilitating the import and export of information and technologies. Having in mind that the Stage Gate has originally been classified as the third generation model of innovation, the paper is dealing with the capabilities for applying the sixth generation Open innovation principles in today’s improved and much more flexible phases and gates of the Stage Gate. Lots of innovative companies are actually using both models in their NPD practice, looking for the most appropriate means of opening up the well-known closed innovation, especially in the domain of ideation through co-creation.

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2014