Romanian Statistical Review 3/2014

What is the value of official statistics and how do we communicate that value?
Tudorel ANDREI
National Institute of Statistics – Romania
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A Proposal for Assessing the Economic Welfare Of Romania
Ph.D. student Raluca-Maria BĂLĂ
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
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Leading and Lagging Indicators Of the Economic Crisis
Silvia Palaşcă
Elisabeta Jaba
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi
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Towards a Framework for Evaluating Sustainable Society Index
Student Milica Maričić
Student Marija Janković
PhD Professor Veljko Jeremić
University of Belgrade
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Higher Education – A Solution To Unemployment? Case Study: Romania
PhD Candidate Andreea Mirică
The Bucharest University of Economics Studies
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Sovereign wealth funds – public investment vehicles, foreign policy element. Comparative evolution in the international context
PhD candidate Doina Drăniceanu
Romanian Court of Accounts
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