Higher Education – A Solution To Unemployment? Case Study: Romania

PhD Candidate Andreea Mirică (miricaandreea89@gmail.com)
The Bucharest University of Economics Studies

The purpose of this paper is to identify whether or not there is a long term relationship between unemployment and higher education demand in Romania. In order to achieve this purpose, I quantified the demand of higher education as the number of first year students to the number of highschool graduates. Next, I used the Engel-Granger methodology in order to examine the long term relationship. Also, a brief analysis on unemployment and the higher education area in the european context is provided. One of the main findings of the paper is that there is a long-term negative relationship between unemployment and higher education demand. Thus, encouraging the high-school graduates to pursue higher education may be a proper approach in reducing unemployment. The paper may be a valuable tool for policy makers in higher education.

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2014