The Bayesian Modelling Of Inflation Rate In Romania

PhD Senior Researcher Mihaela Simionescu (Bratu) (
Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Romanian Academy


Bayesian econometrics knew a considerable increase in popularity in the last years, joining the interests of various groups of researchers in economic sciences and additional ones as specialists in econometrics, commerce, industry, marketing, finance, micro-economy, macro-economy and other domains. The purpose of this research is to achieve an introduction in Bayesian approach applied in economics, starting with Bayes theorem. For the Bayesian linear regression models the methodology of estimation was presented, realizing two empirical studies for data taken from the Romanian economy. Thus, an autoregressive model of order 2 and a multiple regression model were built for the index of consumer prices. The Gibbs sampling algorithm was used for estimation in R software, computing the posterior means and the standard deviations. The parameters’ stability proved to be greater than in the case of estimations based on the methods of classical Econometrics.
JEL Classification: C11, C13, C51

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2014