R – a Global Sensation in Data Science

Nicoleta Caragea (nicoletacaragea@gmail.com)
Antoniade-Ciprian Alexandru (alexcipro@yahoo.com)
Ecological University of Bucharest – Faculty of Economics
Ana Maria Dobre (dobre.anamaria@hotmail.com)
National Institute of Statistics, Romania


The main objective of this paper is to expose the evolution of R, as the most used data analysis tool among statisticians and the academic researchers. Its flexibility and complexity simply gained the statisticians and data scientists.
The paper examines some of the reasons behind the popularity of R, using tools like SWOT analysis.
R software environment offers integrated tools for a very large area of data analysis, from computations and data mining to high-effects visualization. As an example, we performed in this paper an illustration of 3D plotting.
JEL Classification: C13, C18, C88

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2014