Methodological considerations on the size of Coefficient of Intensity of Structural Changes (CISC)

Dr. Florin Marius Pavelescu (
Institute of National Economy


The paper brings arguments in favour of emphasizing the modeling factors of the Coefficient of Intensity of Structural Changes (CISC) in order to obtain a better interpretation of the significance of the respective method of structural change measurement. Also, it is highlighted the impact of characteristic features of structural changes on differentiation of the size of CISC computed at economic branch level and sectorial level respectively. There are identified all possible situations of structural changes from a sectorial point of view. At the end of the paper, there is presented a numerical example related to structural changes of Romania’s employed population during the period 2008-2011. The above-mentioned example offers an opportunity to review all the necessary steps for identification of CISC modeling factors, when economic branches approach is considered, and a comparison with CISC computed in a sectorial vision is made. The respective steps were made by using R Software.
JEL Classification: C02, C18, O11

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2014