The impact of FDI on economic growth in Romania and EU countries during the current economic crisis

PhD Marinela GEAMĂNU
Romanian Academy
PhD Lecturer Lavinia Ştefania ŢOŢAN
PhD Candidate Barbu Bogdan POPESCU
Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Sovereign debt crisis in the euro area countries , yet amplifies a number of vulnerabilities in the ability of European economic integration to overcome the crisis and resume growth the effect unfavorable to Romania whose economy depends to a large proportion of over 70 % of exports and imports in the EU27 countries . In the crisis year 2012, when GDP fell by exports increased , so has recovered downturn caused by the crisis in 2009, the new 17% achieving a surplus , which is a proof to the fact that short-term relationship between GDP and exports is not relevant . The importance of the subject of FDI targeting their origin, in the alternative ‘s effects , and that since the streams have become important – it is the affirmation of multinational companies as influential in the contemporary world . Today’s Study on FDI practically merges with that of multinational corporations and World Economics macro assessments are completed leaving microeconomic considerations , legal , managerial , administrative and even psychological .
Article highlights the influence of FDI on economic growth in Romania , the trend of imports , exports , respectively .

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2014