Romanian Statistical Review 1/2014

Kondratiev type cyclicality of the Romanian economy, grounded in three key. statistical indicators: GDP, CPI or CLI and debt
PhD Senior lecturer Gheorghe SĂVOIU
PhD Senior lecturer Constantin MANEA
University of Pitesti
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Effective Management Of Resources for Environmental Protection – Using Taxes In The Environmental Policy
Student Irina ALECSANDRU
Student Cristina RADU
„Hyperion” University – Bucharest
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The impact of FDI on economic growth in Romania and EU countries during the current economic crisis
PhD Marinela GEAMĂNU
Romanian Academy
PhD Lecturer Lavinia Ştefania ŢOŢAN
PhD Candidate Barbu Bogdan POPESCU
Bucharest University of Economic Studies
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Emigrants’ Remittances and the “Dutch Disease” in Small Transition Economies: the Case Of Albania and Moldova
Professor Christos NIKAS
PhD Student Anastasia BLOUCHOUTZI
University of Macedonia
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BOOK REVIEW: Statistical & Financial – Accounting Statements and Systems Of Statistical Indicators Derived
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