BOOK REVIEW: Statistical & Financial – Accounting Statements and Systems Of Statistical Indicators Derived

BOOK REVIEW: Statistical & Financial – Accounting Statements and Systems Of Statistical Indicators Derived
University Publishing House, Bucharest
Author: senior lecturer PhD. Gheorghe Săvoiu, University of Piteşti

Professor PhD Ion Iorga Simăn
Senior lecturer PhD Constantin Manea
University of Pitesti

„The feeling of vastness leads to a kind
of vitality lacking points of rest.”
– Leo Frobenius –

The type of management based on a complex system of indicators is now being applied as a logical and systematic approach to identifying, assessing, analyzing and communicating decisions, to enacting and monitoring the implementation of those decisions, being associated to any activity, function or business process in a way that enables organizations and companies to minimize the impact of threats and maximize opportunities. This type of management has been, and remains interdisciplinary and analytical in point of generating indicators, and finally it should treat all the activities in the organization or company in a holistic and synthetic manner. How much can a book, a course book, or a professor contribute to achieving such a vast and important goal, was the most difficult question throughout the process of writing book. We remembered, with a strange kind of joy, a passage from Leo Frobenius, dedicated to his own teachers, and we share it with our prospective readers for its sheer sincerity, freshness and candour:  „From among the number of teachers I had during my years of education, two I will always keep in my memory… From the former (whose name did not even appear in the author’s account – n.m.) I brought home a full notebook, in a clear and methodical style, and obtained an ordered system of knowledge, which would certainly have allowed me to pass any exam. Professor Heusler’s course of lectures failed to bring forth anything like this [… ]. On the contrary, after each of his classes I hurried back home in an infinitely elevated mood, full of creative impulses and the willingness to use the sharp weapons I had been given…”

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Romanian Statistical Review 1/2014