New Trends in European Companies’ Business Models

PhD Professor Georgeta ILIE
“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University


Companies constantly reconsider and reconfigure their business models in order to create value and generate growth. They also reassess the price-performance correlation and new levels of capital efficiency. The new business models are frequently needed to provide goods at affordable prices through the adaptation of packaging strategies, pricing strategies, the product itself, and by helping to sustain financially the demand. In the context of current financial and economic difficulties, it reveals the inclusive business models that provide goods and services to poor people and also create employment. The paper tries to emphasize ways in which business models are evolving, and how to determine the right model for companies. In the same time, it also seeks to highlight trends in the development of new business models in the European countries which creates basic economic activities, giving people facing social and economic problems access to products and services that meet their needs.

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Romanian Statistical Review 12/2013