The Phenomenon Of Concentration – Diversification In Contemporary Globalization

PhD Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Săvoiu
PhD Professor Ion Iorga Simăn
PhD Lecturer Viorel Crăciuneanu
Piteşti University


This paper intends to analyze from the mathematical, statistical and physical point of view the economic process of concentration – diversification specific to the cotemporary globalization, providing a further approach alternative which is more extended, but also correlated on macro, mezzo and microeconomic layers. Its main original aspects related o the equilibrated integrity of the concentration – diversification phenomenon in the contemporary globalization seen as a rigorous contradictory and progressive phenomenon, from the company’s level, at the regional, national and worldwide level, valorizing the theory of nodes and antinodes from physics or the theory of classic standing waves. The initial part of the paper uses one of the basic principles of the Renaissance, connected to the pictorial perspectives, principle initially formulated by Leonardo da Vinci, and its content briefly presents both the classic static theory of the measurement, and the theory of standing waves, in order to identify a permanent balance solution in the analysis of the concentration – diversification phenomena from the economy. Several final remarks related to the further development directions of these original ideas conclude in a symmetrical manner the article and they open at the same time new approach perspectives in a relativist or quantum manner.

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2012