The Impact Of Unemployment on Economic Growth in Romania, During the Crisis

PhD Lecturer Lavinia Ştefania Ţoţan
PhD Candidate Barbu Bogdan Popescu
PhD Professor Silvia Elena Cristache
Academy of Economic Studies – Bucharest


The paper identifies the main factors that influence unemployment in Romania based on achieving an econometric model. In terms of the labor market, unemployment is a macroeconomic employment opposite, representing a surplus working population relative to the population likely to be engaged in viable conditions imposed by the market. Unemployment became a problem, with industrial development, since the second half of the eighteenth century, in times of recession, when industrial companies shrinking their production and, therefore, issued a significant number of workers who became unemployed . In Romania, unemployment has its origin in part, and changes in the structure of the national economy, the criterion of efficiency, in order to adapt to the competitive environment.

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Romanian Statistical Review 6/2013