Testing the Models Of Regional Specialization in Terms Of New Theories Of International Trade

Asist. univ.dr. Oana Ancuţa Stângaciu
Prof. univ dr. Eugenia Harja
„Vasile Alecsandri” University, Statistical Direction of Bacău County


To test intra-industry specialization patterns, in regional profile, was started to determine the regional indices of marginal specialization (Brülhart indices), since these decompose the changes that occur in the processes of specialization into three components: the marginal intra-industry specialization, inter-industry specialization that determine the increase of previous specialization and the inter-industry specialization causing its decrease.
To capture the dynamic determinants of specialization processes were built econometric models where were tested only those predictors offered by new theories of international trade.

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2013