Statistical Method Of Analysing Professional Reorientation

PhD Lecturer Consuela Necşulescu
PhD Senior Lecturer Luminiţa Şerbănescu
Piteşti University


In the crisis period faced by all countries, including by Romania, the unemployment phenomenon is very extensive, affecting tens of thousands of people. We are presenting a statistical analysis of the data regarding the reconversion courses. The data were collected from the questionnaires completed by 216 respondents from rural area in Arges County. In this article I made a statistical analysis of the data on professional reorientation courses taken from questionnaires filled in by 216 persons in the rural area of the Arges County. I applied to the data structured on groups of gender, age, status on the labour market and applications for courses, a number of statistical indicators. This study is important for the determination of the types of professional reorientation courses implemented in the current circumstances of the market economy.

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Romanian Statistical Review 12/2012