Statistical Limitations in Timing and Restrictions Of Comparability in Addressing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), in Romania’s Market Economy

PhD Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Săvoiu
PhD Lecturer Suzana Popa
Piteşti University


This paper analyzes some statistical limitations in timing and the most important methodological restrictions specific to the process of practical modelling of foreign direct investments (FDI). After a brief introduction about the need for comparability of statistical data and practical implementation, the following section describes the complex process of econometric FDI modeling, the main restrictions that had to be overcome were related to ensuring comparability, selecting only one fairly substantial database for macroeconomic indicators, and building a database for the country rating by statistically converting qualitative information into quantitative information, the option for two types of data sets or series (extenden and small), due to the level of FDI, and the different order of magnitude of FDI values, relatively homogeneous since 1997, and not since 1990. The final section of conclusion ends the article with some final remarks about the specific solution used în modeling process.

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2012